Oil Rack


Source Fabrication specializes in turn-key storage systems for a variety of different industries as well as custom fabrication projects. Since each product is custom built you can choose whatever interior and exterior options best fit your business needs. Source Fabrication gives you the options needed to fit your project perfectly.

Our Custom Fabrication Products

Each of the products below is completely customizable to fit each customers individual needs.

About Source Fabrication

Source Fabrication is a division of Custom Mechanical Equipment. Source was created when a vendor reached out to us and asked us to build him a custom oil rack that his customers were looking for, the customer had an idea but needed a company to help bring this rack to life. Since Source Fabrication is a custom job shop we are able to create completely unique products you can’t get anywhere else. Our Battery Energy Storage Solutions are just one example of ability to create custom work for niche industries.

Source Fabrication is located in Ponca City, Oklahoma and is two doors down from it’s parent company Custom Mechanical Equipment, manufacturer of custom HVAC Equipment, and sister company, Custom Powder and Blasting, which specializes in Powder Coating, Cerakoting, and Dustless Blasting.

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We provide innovative product solutions you can’t find anywhere else. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.