Source Fabrication is a division of Custom Mechanical Equipment. Source was created when a vendor reached out to us and asked us to build him a custom oil rack that his customers were looking for, the customer had an idea but needed a company to help bring this rack to life. Since Source Fabrication is a custom job shop we are able to create completely unique products you can’t get anywhere else. We have now expanded our products to oil racks, skid buildings, battery storage units, as well as retail custom fabrication.

Source Fabrication is located in Ponca City, Oklahoma and is two doors down from it’s parent company Custom Mechanical Equipment. Between Source Fabrication and Custom Mechanical Equipment, manufacturer of custom HVAC Equipment, we have over 19 years of experience in energy efficient custom fabrication. Source Fabrication also has a sister company, Custom Powder and Blasting, which specializes in Powder Coating, Cerakoting, and Dustless Blasting.

Electric Panel

Here at Source Fabrication we love a good challenge.

We are constantly looking to expand our product line, if you have a project in mind that you haven't had the manufacturing capabilities to build we would love to talk to you!

Custom Battery Storage Units

Battery Storage

Battery storage units store battery power during off peak hours, releasing it during peak hours to save money and be more energy efficient.

Custom Oil Rack

Oil Racks

Our custom oil racks house controls for well sites and pipeline midstream pump houses.

Custom Skid building with AC

Skid Building

Custom skid buildings house controls for the oil industry and the structure is completely enclosed with additional features that can be added.