Battery Storage Unit / ESS Battery Storage / Mini Grid

Summary description: This mini grid is an energy storage system. It has an inverter and software system that is able to take power from multiple sources such as generator, solar, grid and then stores the power. This allows the mini grid system to stabilize your power, this cuts out any power issues such flickering lights, or loss of power.  Mini-grids are extremely reliable because they can operate autonomously, without being connected to a centralized grid. These storage systems are turnkey ready, the use ELM Fieldsight control software, and was developed in conjunction with Switch Storage Solutions.

Specs: 5 Foot X 8 Foot

Build out: Build out: Factory assembled microgrid, numerous battery size options, systems controlled by ELM Fieldsight, built to UL 9540 Standards, fire safety measures, pre-labeled safety warnings

Where is it going: Cape Cod, MA

Type of client:  Complete power automation for a clients home