New Oilfield Skid Building

Check out this fantastic Skid Building we recently created at Source Fabrication.

Project Type: Skid Building


  • 55 feet long,
  • 14 feet wide,
  • 14 feet tall,
  • weighs 45,000 pounds.
  • Is wired for 2,000 amps.

Units can be customized based on specific amperage needs.

Summary description: This skid building was custom built and designed to fit customer specific needs. This buildings houses VFDs, switch gear, control panels, and/or any other equipment necessary to successful control the pumps along a oil pipeline. Each building is manufactured from scratch from start to finish to meet our customers specifications. We have numerous options available.

These buildings can be left empty for the customer to install their own gear, or they can be built and wired in house so that the unit is turn key ready.

Skid Building Leaving the Factory

We barely had enough room to squeeze this one out of the factory. Precise measurements payoff.

Build out:

  • Small office,
  • PLC cabinet,
  • 8 section MCC electrical panel,
  • 3 650 horse power VFDs,
  • cable tray,
  • all internal wiring completed before shipment,
  • 16 tons of air conditioning,
  • electric heat,
  • lights,
  • emergency exit lights,
  • smoke and thermal detection,
  • plc battery backup.

Where is it going: Western Texas

Type of client: A full-service midstream provider.

Our Team is still working on the building

Getting it ready for final inspection.

Need a custom skid building?

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