Skid Mount Buildings

Prefabricated skid mount buildings offer fast re-loadable or permanent space. Whether the need is for a single room or multiple room structure, skid mount buildings can be prebuilt, delivered and slide into place ready for immediate use. Skid mount buildings can fill many needs. Common uses include In-plant offices, instrumentation shelters, security guard buildings, office space, just about any need that requires a small permanent or temporary building.

Advantages to prefabricated buildings over conventional construction are faster delivery and cost effectiveness.

Factory built structures cut down on building time. What can be gained by reducing the time it normally takes to design and engineer a building, submit plans for review and proceed through the construction and inspection process? In most cases the time it takes to design, manufacture, deliver and install a factory built structure is less than half the time of conventional on site construction.

Skid mount buildings can be built as a single or multi-room prefabricated structures. They can be set at grade level or installed on a permanent foundation. Clients can choose from numerous styles, designs and building materials. All prefabricated buildings are built to meet the latest building codes, state certified or third party inspection. Our services will take you from the design phase right into manufacturing, delivery and installation of a quality new or used prefabricated building with far less cost and time than conventional construction. Call; We offer free estimates.

Factory built structures cut down on building cost. Since prefabricated buildings are built in a factory they can be erected in far less time and under controlled conditions unlike on site conventional construction. Manufactured buildings are designed and engineered in house eliminating the cost for outside architectural design and engineering services. Drawings for manufactured buildings are submitted to a state regulatory department responsible for code and plans approval for prefabricate structures. This procedure usually eliminates the local building department involvement concerning the buildings construction.