Lithium Battery Storage Units

What to look for in a storage battery?

Storage batteries differ based on their needs but they mainly are based on capacity, power, DoD, efficiency, and so much more. We have an expert specialist that will determine the best suite for your business, and we provide custom sizes so you can maximize your energy and storage. Our battery storage solution provides value in a wide range of industries such as solar, wind, thermal, and the possibilities are endless.


Why is our battery storage different?

Each product from Source Fabrication is custom built to fit your needs, our Lithium battery storage units come in several sizes. These storage units are great for any high energy usage facility. These battery storage units can be programmed to power the building components that are costing you the most during peak hours, this, in turn, maximizes savings on electrical bills.

Custom Built Battery Storage Unit for Customer

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Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

There are a number of different applications that we sell BESS products for. We have clients that use Battery Energy Storage Solutions as a back-up power source, we have other clients that gather green energy that they are not consuming and store that energy in the Lithium BESS for use during times when they can't collect green energy. (no sunlight, no wind, etc).

As many people already understand, the main problem with green energy solutions such as Solar Energy is that you have very few ways to store the energy for later use. Our Lithium Battery Storage Units solve the problem.

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